Space:1999 Logo 'A Matter of Balance'
by Pip and Jane Baker
1999 Cast

Unaware that botanist Shermeen Williams has begun to experience strange hallucinations Commander Koenig selects her to join a landing party to the planet Sunim. On the planet surface they find a temple guarded by a monstrous creature which prevents them from entering; however, Shermeen then sees the face of an alien named Vindrus, who tells her to enter the temple; the sentry allows her access, and once inside, the incorporeal form of Vindrus explains that he needs Shermeen’s help to transfer his body across to her world. After Shermeen rejoins the others and they return to Moonbase Alpha, Vindrus encourages her to steal a mobile nuclear generator to help him in his task. He reveals that from an anti-matter universe where the evolutionary process is in reverse, causing his race to head towards extinction. Vindrus and his people now plan to cross into our universe - but for every anti-matter person that crosses over, an Alphan must take their place…

Martin Landau (Commander John Koenig), Barbara Bain (Doctor Helena Russell), Catherine Schell (Maya), Tony Anholt (Tony Verdeschi), John Hug (Bill Fraser), Lynne Frederick (Shermeen Williams), Stuart Wilson (Vindrus), Nicholas Campbell (Eddie Collins), Brian Osborne (Mr. Potter)

Directed by Charles Crichton
Produced by Fred Freiberger
Series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

UK (ATV Midlands):
December 9th, 1976

*Featuring Commander John Koenig, Doctor Helena Russell, Maya, Tony Verdeschi and Bill Fraser