Space:1999 Logo 'Death's Other Dominion'
by Anthony Terpiloff
Elizabeth Barrows
1999 Cast

Moonbase Alpha detects a signal transmitted from a frozen planet named Ultima Thule; after hearing one voice inviting them to a long life in paradise, they then hear another urging them to stay away. Intrigued, Commander Koenig, Doctor Russell, Professor Bergman and Carter investigate in an Eagle, but after landing on the surface they soon find themselves lost in a blizzard. While Carter manages to return to the safety of the Eagle, the others are rescued by the survivors of Earth’s lost Uranus Expeditionary Probe from 1986. They are led by Doctor Cabot Rowland, who informs Koenig and his party that he and his crew are attempting to rebuild their damaged ship - which landed on Ultima Thule eight-hundred and eighty years ago. Rowland dreams of travelling the stars as an immortal god, and invites the occupants of Alpha to give up their lives on the Moon and join him on Ultima Thule. However, Koenig soon discovers that Rowland has a terrible secret...

Martin Landau (Commander John Koenig), Barbara Bain (Doctor Helena Russell), Barry Morse (Professor Victor Bergman), Prentis Hancock (Paul Morrow), Nick Tate (Captain Alan Carter), Zienia Merton (Sandra Benes), Clifton Jones (David Kano), Anton Phillips (Doctor Bob Mathias), Suzanne Roquette (Tanya Alexander), Brian Blessed (Doctor Cabot Rowland), John Shrapnel (Colonel Jack Tanner), Mary Miller (Freda), David Ellison (Ted), Valerie Leon (Thule Girl), Loftus Burton, Sarah Bullen, Andrew Dempsey, Annie Lambert, Robert Philips (Main Mission Operatives), Glenda Allen, Barbara Bermel, Laurie Davis, Jenny Devenish, Tony Houghton, Carolyn Hudson, John Lee-Barber, Annette Linden, David Murphy, Eddy Nedari, Michael Ryan, Jack Shepherd, Suzette St. Clair (Thulians), Adrienne Burgess, Lesley Collet, Robert Driscoll, Margaret Lawley, Terry Rendle, Ian Ruskin, Ellen Sheehan (Revered Ones)

Directed by Charles Crichton
Produced by Sylvia Anderson
Series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

UK (ATV Midlands):
October 2nd, 1975

*Featuring Commander John Koenig, Doctor Helena Russell, Professor Victor Bergman, Paul Morrow, Captain Alan Carter, David Kano, Sandra Benes and Doctor Bob Mathias