Space:1999 Logo 'The Lambda Factor'
by Terrance Dicks
1999 Cast

Moonbase Alpha is beset by instrument malfunctions and odd cases of indiscipline, and then medical technician Sally Martin dies a violent death in mysterious circumstances. Verdeschi questions Sally's ex-fiancé Mark Sanders and his new lover Carolyn Powell, but the two deny any involvement in Sally’s death. Meanwhile, Commander Koenig begins experiencing nightmares in which he is visited by two dead friends who hold him responsible for their deaths from Venusian plague. When a strange space cloud suddenly appears, Maya’s sensors detect Lambda waves; Doctor Russell begins conducting experiments into extrasensory perception and finds that the telepathic powers latent in many Alphans are being boosted by the cloud. Carolyn Powell has had her powers boosted as well, and she uses them to take control of Command Centre. The only person whose paranormal powers can equal hers is Koenig - and so a deadly battle of minds begins…

Martin Landau (Commander John Koenig), Barbara Bain (Doctor Helena Russell), Catherine Schell (Maya), Tony Anholt (Tony Verdeschi), Nick Tate (Captain Alan Carter), Zienia Merton (Sandra Benes), Deborah Fallender (Carolyn Powell), Jess Conrad (Mark Sanders), Anthony Stamboulieh (George Crato), Michael Walker (Carl Renton), Gregory de Polnay (Peter Garforth), Lydia Lisle (Sally Martin), Lucinda Curtis (Tessa), Dallas Adams (Sam), Shane Rimmer (Maintenance Technician Voice)

Directed by Charles Crichton
Produced by Fred Freiberger
Series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

UK (ATV Midlands):
December 23rd, 1976

*Featuring Commander John Koenig, Doctor Helena Russell, Maya, Tony Verdeschi, Captain Alan Carter and Sandra Benes