Space:1999 Logo 'Matter of Life and Death'
by Art Wallace
and Johnny Byrne
1999 Cast

When Alpha approaches the planet Terra Nova, an Eagle is sent on a reconnaissance flight. But when the ship returns its pilots are found to be catatonic, and an extra man is now on board. Doctor Helena Russell identifies the mysterious passenger as her husband, Lee Russell, pilot of Earth’s Astro 7 mission who was pronounced missing presumed dead after his ship was lost in the vicinity of Jupiter in 1994. When Lee recovers he shows no life signs, and Professor Bergman determines that the man is gradually turning into anti-matter. After desperately warning the Alphans to stay away from Terra Nova, Lee dies and his body vanishes. Commander Koenig and Doctor Russell decide to take a landing party to the planet surface in order to investigate; here they find a paradise perfect for the Alphans to live in. They decide to begin Operation Exodus and prepare to evacuate the Moonbase - but then conditions on the planet suddenly become violently inhospitable…

Martin Landau (Commander John Koenig), Barbara Bain (Doctor Helena Russell), Barry Morse (Professor Victor Bergman), Prentis Hancock (Paul Morrow), Nick Tate (Captain Alan Carter), Zienia Merton (Sandra Benes), Clifton Jones (David Kano), Anton Phillips (Doctor Bob Mathias), Suzanne Roquette (Tanya Alexander), Richard Johnson (Lee Russell), Stuart Damon (Parks), John Oxley (Bannion), Jeremy Anthony, Loftus Burton, Andrew Dempsey, Chai Lee, Christopher Matthews, Michael Stevens (Main Mission Operatives), Tony Allyn, Quentin Pierre (Security Guards), Saad Ghazi, Christopher Williams (Medics), Shane Rimmer (Voice of Eagle Pilot)

Directed by Charles Crichton
Produced by Sylvia Anderson
Series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

UK (ATV Midlands):
November 27th, 1975

*Featuring Commander John Koenig, Doctor Helena Russell, Professor Victor Bergman, Paul Morrow, Captain Alan Carter, Sandra Benes and Doctor Bob Mathias, and introducing David Kano

*Working title: ‘The Siren Planet’