Space:1999 Logo 'Mission of the Darians'
by Johnny Byrne
1999 Cast

Moonbase Alpha receives a distress call from the S.S. Daria, a massive spaceship twenty miles long and five miles wide. Commander Koenig decides to lead a rescue party, and he leaves in an Eagle with Professor Bergman, Doctor Russell, Carter, Morrow and Lowry. When they arrive they are separated into three groups, and discover that the explosion of the ship's nuclear reactor nine-hundred years ago has caused the Darian society to develop into two disparate groups. While Koenig and Bergman meet the fourteen remaining members of the original Darian crew, sophisticated intellectuals whose lives have been prolonged by transplant surgery, the others encounter the descendants of the survivors of Level 7, savage primitives who religiously believe in perfection, and who execute any they deem imperfect - and Lowry and Doctor Russell are about to be judged…

Martin Landau (Commander John Koenig), Barbara Bain (Doctor Helena Russell), Barry Morse (Professor Victor Bergman), Prentis Hancock (Paul Morrow), Nick Tate (Captain Alan Carter), Zienia Merton (Sandra Benes), Clifton Jones (David Kano), Suzanne Roquette (Tanya Alexander), Joan Collins (Kara), Dennis Burgess (Neman), Aubrey Morris (High Priest), Paul Antrim (Lowry), Robert Russell (Hadin), Gerald Stadden (Male Mute), Jackie Horton (Female Mute), Ron Tarr (Hirsute Darian Guard), Linda Hooks (Blonde Darian Girl), Bina Balini, Sarah Bullen, Loftus Burton, Andrew Dempsey, Michael Stevens (Main Mission Operatives)

Directed by Ray Austin
Produced by Sylvia Anderson
Series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

UK (ATV Midlands):
October 30th, 1975

*Featuring Commander John Koenig, Doctor Helena Russell, Professor Victor Bergman, Paul Morrow, Captain Alan Carter, David Kano and Sandra Benes