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by Trevor Preston
Stabs Cast

The Cardinals of the evil Brotherhood of Archanon are concerned that one of their number, the ancient wizard known as Melchisedek, has been using the power of his black glove for his own purposes. They summon two other magicians, the malevolent Mr. Stabs and the beautiful Polandi, to the City of Shadows, and set them the task of defeating Melchisedek, in return promising the victor the right to take up the mantle of the glove. In order to win the right to face Melchisedek, Stabs and Polandi begin a duel; they face each other with their deadly hand-power, and Stabs wins. He and his odious, loathsome lackey, Luko, transport themselves to the wizard’s tower, where they are able to defeat the Guardian and obtain the Ravenstone, a mystical gem that allows them access to Melchisedek’s inner sanctum. Mr. Stabs confronts Melchisedek, and together they engage in a battle to the death - hand-power to hand-power, evil to evil, victor or dust…

David Jason (Mr. Stabs), David Rappaport (Luko), Patrick Malahide (The Visitor), John Woodnutt (Melchisedek), Lorna Heilbron (Polandi), Derrick Branche (Dog), Frank Gatliffe, Geoffrey Bateman, Nigel Leach (The Cardinals)

Directed by John Woods
Produced by Pamela Londsdale

2nd July 1984 on CITV

*Featuring Mr.Stabs and Luko

*This story acts as a prequel to Mr. Stabs' appearances in the 'Ace of Wands' story 'Seven Serpents, Sulphur and Salt', and the episode of 'Shadows' entitled 'Dutch Schlitz's Shoes'