Season 1 Logo.

Title BBC TX Info
Adam Adamant Lives! Untransmitted Pilot
A Vintage Year For Scoundrels 23rd June 1966 BBC1 TX
Death Has a Thousand Faces 30th June 1966 BBC1 TX
More Deadly Than the Sword 7th July 1966 BBC1 TX
The Sweet Smell of Disaster 14th July 1966 BBC1 TX
Allah Is Not Always With You 21st July 1966 BBC1 TX
The Terribly Happy Embalmers 4th August 1966 BBC1 TX
To Set A Deadly Fashion 11th August 1966 BBC1 TX
The Last Sacrifice 18th August 1966 BBC1 TX
Sing A Song of Murder 25th August 1966 BBC1 TX
The Doomsday Plan 1st September 1966 BBC1 TX
Death By Appointment Only 8th September 1966 BBC1 TX
Beauty Is an Ugly Word 15th September 1966 BBC1 TX
The League of Uncharitable Ladies 22nd September 1966 BBC1 TX
Ticket to Terror 29th September 1966 BBC1 TX
The Village of Evil 6th October 1966 BBC1 TX
D For Destruction 13th October 1966 BBC1 TX

Season 2 Logo.

Title BBC TX Info
A Slight Case of Reincarnation 31st December 1966 BBC1 TX
Black Echo 7th January 1967 BBC1 TX
Conspiracy of Death 14th January 1967 BBC1 TX
The Basardi Affair 21st January 1967 BBC1 TX
The Survivors 28th January 1967 BBC1 TX
Face In a Mirror 4th February 1967 BBC1 TX
Another Little Drink 11th February 1967 BBC1 TX
Death Begins at Seventy 18th February 1967 BBC1 TX
Tunnel of Death 25th February 1967 BBC1 TX
The Deadly Bullet 4th March 1967 BBC1 TX
The Resurrectionists 11th March 1967 BBC1 TX
Wish You Were Here 18th March 1967 BBC1 TX
A Sinister Sort of Service 25th March 1967 BBC1 TX

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