Adam Adamant Logo 'D for Destruction'
by Tony Williamson
Adam Adamant

After a series of murders occurs in the 51st Yeomanry, Adam is contacted by General Mongerson of Strategic Command, who asks him to return to service in his old regiment so that he can help track down the killers. The regiment is now under the command of the Territorial Army, and led by the fanatical Colonel Mannering. Adam discovers that Mannering is furious with proposed plans to disband the T.A., and he will stop at nothing to ensure that the scheme is never approved…

Gerald Harper (Adam Adamant), Juliet Harmer (Georgina Jones), Jack May (William E. Simms), Iain Cutherbertson (Colonel Mannering), Michael Ripper (Sergeant Major Jeffers), Patrick Troughton (General Mongerson), John Porter Davison (Private Jones), Walter Sparrow (Colonel Grey), Bryan Mosley (Bailey), Brian Gilmar (Barber), Terry Walsh (Watts), L.W. Clark (Peters), Anthony Blackshaw (Corporal Jenkins), John Hart Dyke (Private Davis), Raymond Hardy (Guard), Michael Sheard (Major)

Directed by Moira Armstrong
Produced by Verity Lambert

13th October, 1966 @ 8.00 pm - 8.50 pm

*Featuring Adam Adamant, Georgina Jones and William E. Simms

*The 'Adam Adamant' theme was written by Hal Shaper and David Lee, and sung by Kathy Kirby

*For years this episode was believed to no longer exist; however, in April 2003 it was discovered to still exist inside the BBC archive, but had been misfiled!