K-9 Logo 'Aeolian'
by Dave Warner
K-9 Cast

London is being bombarded by strange alien sound-waves that cause mass panic. K-9 and Starkey are on the trail of the alien, identified by Gryffen as the last of a race called Aeolians. Darius desperately tries to rescue Jorjie as she is trapped by falling debris. Drake is convinced Gryffen has caused the catastrophe; not understanding the reason behind the Aoelian’s musical sound-waves, he sets out to destroy the creature and anyone in his path.

John Leeson (K-9 [Voice]), Robert Moloney (Professor Gryffen), Keegan Joyce (StarKey), Philippa Coulthard (Jorgie), Daniel Webber (Darius), Robyn Moore (June Turner), Connor Van Vuuren (Drake), Jared Robinson (Thorne)

Directed by Karl Zwicky
Produced by Penny Wall, Richard Stewart and Simon Barnes
Executive Producers Jim Howell, Grant Bradley and Steve Robbins
Created by Bob Baker and Paul Tams

TX (UK Disney XD):
3rd May 2010 @ 4.00 pm

*Featuring K-9 MkI, Professor Gryffen, StarKey, Jorgie and Darius