Doctor Who Logo 'A Fix With Sontarans'
(1 Part)

by Eric Saward
The Doctor

Dear Jim,

I like Dr. Who very much because I have got Colin Baker's Doctor Who suit made by my Nan and a tent TARDIS. Please could I see Colin Baker and go inside the TARDIS.

Yours sincerely Gareth Jenkins (Age 8)

When the TARDIS is invaded by two Sontaran warriors, the Doctor is forced to see aid from elsewhere. His former companion, Tegan, is brought on board, together with a young boy named Gareth Jenkins. With Gareth's help, the two Sontarans are defeated - but then a far more hideous image suddenly appears on the TARDIS scanner, speaking in a bizarre alien language...

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Janet Fielding (Tegan), Gareth Jenkins (Himself), Clinton Greyn (Group Marshall Nathan), Tim Raynham (Sontaran), Jimmy Saville OBE (Himself)

Produced by Roger Ordish
Directed by Marcus Mortimer

Part 1 - 23rd February, 1985 @ 6.05 pm - 6.40 pm

*Featuring the Sixth Doctor and Tegan

*This mini-story was produced and transmitted as part of 'Jim'll Fix It', and is not regarded as canon