Doctor Who Logo 'Agents of Chaos':
3-'Eye of Harmony'

(1 Part)

by Ken Bentley
Jacket Illustration

The fate of Gallifrey hangs in the balance, as the Dalek Time Strategist gain the upper hand. The War Doctor and his allies must fight to stay alive against all odds…

John Hurt (The War Doctor), Jacqueline Pearce (Cardinal Ollistra), Neve McIntosh (Lara), Honeysuckle Weeks (Heleyna), Timothy Speyer (Kruger), Helen Goldwyn (Professor Crane), Gunnar Cauthery (Kavarin), Matthew Cottle (Leith), Dan Starkey (General Fesk / Sontarans), Josh Bolt (Kalan), Barnaby Edwards (Vassarian), Andrew French (Muren), Nicholas Briggs (Dalek Time Strategist / Daleks)

Directed by Nicholas Briggs

*Featuring the War Doctor

*A Big Finish Audio Production