Doctor Who Logo 'A Life of Surprises'
Edited by Paul Cornell
Jacket Illustration

A new collection of short stories published to coincide with Benny's tenth anniversary. Each story is set at a different period during Professor Bernice Summerfield's highly eventful life.

The Stories:

'The Shape of the Hole' by Paul Cornell
'Kill the Mouse!' by Daniel O'Mahony
'Solar Max and the Seven-Handed Snake-Mother' by Kate Orman
'A Mutual Friend' by Terrance Dicks
'Alien Planets and You' by Dave Stone
'Something Broken' by Paul Ebbs
'The Collection' by Peter Anghelides
'Setting Stone' by Mark Stevens
'Time's Team' by David McIntee
'Beedlemania' by Nev Fountain
'The All-Seeing Eye' by Justin Richards
'And Then Again' by Robert Shearman
'Cuckoo' by Stephen Fewell
'A la Recherche de Temps Perdu' by David Bailey
'Squadborronfell' by Nick Walters
'Taken by the Muses' by Steve Lyons
'The Spartacus Syndrome' by Jonathan Morris
'Might' by Neil Corry
'Paydirt' by Lance Parkin
'Dear Friend' by Jim Sangster
'Afterword' by Lloyd Rose

*Featuring Benny

*A Virgin Books 'New Adventures' anthology