Angel Logo 'Cursed'

by Mel Odom


Sulking around the Slayer in Sunnydale, Spike has often run into demons intent on punishing him for throwing in with the White Hats. But when there are hints of a more organized campaign dedicated to vanquishing the vampire with a chip in his head, Spike sets off on the trail of whoever’s put out a hit on him

Meanwhile, in the City of Angels, the vampire with a soul finds that the search for a mystical object is tied to his days as the vicious Angelus. Thne Spike – his former partner in carnage – arrives in L.A. Each nursing a grudge, and with the specter of Buffy in both of their (cold, dead) hearts, the tow vampires reluctantly work together… until their torturous past catches up with them!

*Featuring Angel and Spike

*Published by Pocket Books