Angel Logo 'Nemesis'

by Scott and Denise Cienein
Jacket Illustration

Even if it takes an eternity, he will make amends….


When an old friend from graduate school contacts Fred for help with her job at a top scientific facility, Fred feels a mixture of dread about renewing ties to her past and a wistfulness for the quiet life she might have led entrenched in her research. But the night they are supposed to meet, her friend is gunned down, the seemingly innocent victim of a mob hit gone wrong. Fred is inconsolable.

Although Angel and the others want to help, they hare been called upon to solve a rash of murders among a group of wizards. These wizards are the only ones preventing an apocalyptic breach of the walls separating our reality from other, more-deadly worlds. Fred decides to leave the investigation and takes her friend’s place as a researcher in order to uncover the truth behind her murder. But when the worlds of scientific research and the supernatural collide, Fred may be the only one who can solve the case and stop the coming apocalypse.

*Featuring Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, Gunn, Fred and the Host

*Published by Pocket Books