Doctor Who Logo 'Arc of Infinity'
(4 Parts)
Story Code '6E'

by Johnny Byrne
The Doctor

On the Time Lords' home planet of Gallifrey, a traitor steals the Doctor's bio-data extract from the Matrix, the repository of all their knowledge, and transmits it to an anti-matter alien who has crossed over into this universe by using the properties of a collapsed star known as the Arc of Infinity. The alien must physically bond with a Time Lord in order to remain in this universe, and has chosen the Doctor. When the Time Lord High Council, led by President Borusa, discover the theft of the bio-data, they decide that in order to sever the bond and stop the alien, the Doctor must die. Meanwhile, on Earth, in Amsterdam, Tegan is visiting her cousin, Colin, but finds that he has mysteriously vanished. She investigates the crypt where his friend, Robin, last saw him, but a hideous alien creature known as an Ergon captures them both and imprisons them within the alien's space / time craft - a TARDIS. The Time Lords recall the Doctor's TARDIS to Gallifrey, arrest the Doctor and sentence him to Termination, but he is rescued from death by the alien, who imprisons him inside the Matrix. Nyssa exposes the traitor as Councillor Hedin, who has been misguidedly helping the alien, now revealed to be Omega, the ancient Time Lord that gave his race the ability to time travel, and who once threatened to destroy all of Gallifrey in a mad act of revenge from his anti-matter universe. Omega now controls the Matrix, and attempts to blackmail the Doctor by threatening Tegan, but she is able to give the Doctor a clue as to Omega's location. The Doctor leaves the Matrix, and he and Nyssa travel to Amsterdam in the TARDIS. Nyssa destroys the Ergon with its own weapon, while the Doctor confronts Omega, whose body has become a replica of the Doctor's now that he has bonded with him. But the bonding is not complete, and Omega's rapidly decaying body will result in a huge anti-matter explosion. The Doctor is forced to use a matter converter to destroy the insane Time Lord, saving the universe. Tegan rejoins the Doctor and Nyssa in the TARDIS.

Peter Davison (The Doctor / Omega), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Janet Fielding (Tegan), Leonard Sachs (Lord President Borusa), Michael Gough (Councillor Hedin), Ian Collier (The Renegade / Omega), Colin Baker (Commander Maxil), Paul Jerricho (The Castellan), Neil Daglish (Damon), Elspet Gray (Chancellor Thalia), Max Harvey (Cardinal Zorac), Andrew Boxer (Robin Stuart), Alastair Cumming (Colin Frazer), John D. Collins (Talor), Maya Woolfe (Hotel Receptionists), Malcolm Harvey (The Ergon), Guy Groen (Second Receptionist)

Produced by John Nathan-Turner
Directed by Ron Jones

Part 1 - 3rd January, 1983 @ 6.45pm - 7.10pm
Part 2 - 5th January, 1983 @ 6.45pm - 7.10pm
Part 3 - 11th January, 1983 @ 6.50pm - 7.15pm
Part 4 - 12th January, 1983 @ 5.45pm - 6.10pm

*Featuring the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan

*Tegan rejoins the TARDIS crew

*Working titles: 'The Time of Neman' and 'The Time of Omega'