Avengers Logo 'The Avengers' Stageplay
by Terence Feely
and Brian Clemens
Avengers Stage Play

The evil Madame Gerda hatches a plot to overthrow the governments of the world and infiltrate their spy networks. To carry out her devious plan, she uses a device known as the ‘Giant Computer Brain’, which has the power to render Gerda and her entourage of female students invisible. Steed is somehow the only person able to see the invisible agents, but Mother suspects that he has gone mad, and commits him to hospital. Steed manages to escape, only to find that Gerda and her gang have compromised all the world's security ministers. In his efforts to stop this diabolical mastermind, Steed is stripped of rank and licence, tortured by Gerda, and then tied to the Giant Computer Brain and whipped. After a desperate battle against the villains, Steed finally convinces Mother that he is sane; he then stops Gerda and her followers, ending her daring scheme and saving Britain.

Simon Oates (John Steed), Sue Lloyd (Hannah Wild), Kate O'Mara (Madame Gerda), Jeremy Lloyd(Carruthers), Anthony Sharp (Walters)

Produced by John Mather
Directed by Leslie Phillips

20th July, 1971

*Featuring John Steed and introducing Hannah Wild

*The show played for two week at the Birmingham Theatre, and then transferred to London's Prince of Wales Theatre for a further three weeks