Avengers Logo 'Conspiracy of Silence'
by Roger Marshall
Avengers Cast

In an attempt to keep Steed from interfering with their American drug smuggling connection, a mob enlists the services of Carlo, a reluctant circus clown and former Mafia hitman, to assassinate him. Carlo makes the attempt, but loses his nerve at the last minute and deliberately misses Steed. In order to find Carlo, Mrs. Gale poses as a reporter and photographer to go undercover at the circus, but supposedly no one has seen the clown since the assassination attempt. Eventually, they manage to locate the hitman, just as the mob leader arrives to force him to complete the job…

Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Honor Blackman (Cathy Gale), Robert Rietty (Carlo), Sandra Dorne (Rickie), Alec Mango (Sica), Roy Purcell (Gutman), Tommy Godfrey (Arturo), John Church (Terry), Artro Morris (James), Willie Shearer (Professor), Ian Wilson (Rant), ‘Elizabeth & Collins’, Leggo (Himself)*

Directed by Peter Hammond
Produced by John Bryce

UK: 2nd March, 1963

*Featuring John Steed and Mrs. Cathy Gale