Avengers Logo 'The Correct Way to Kill'
by Brian Clemens
Avengers Cast

Steed changes partner - Emma joins the enemy

When two enemy agents are murdered in London by a pair of well-dressed, impeccably-mannered hitmen, Steed immediately falls under suspicion by his rival agents. After he manages to convince the other side that a third party is responsible, an uneasy truce is called and an impromptu agent exchange program drawn up in order to keep an eye on one another. While Steed is partnered with a lethal novice agent named Olga, Mrs. Peel joins agent Ivan. When the two parties attempt to uncover the real killers, the body-littered trail leads to an umbrella shop whose wares are being shipped to a chiropodist, and S.N.O.B. Inc. - Sociability, Nobility, Omnipotence, Breeding, Inc. - a gentlemen's training school whose motto is ‘Seek, hate, kill!’

Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Diana Rigg (Emma Peel), Anna Quayle (Olga), Michael Gough (Nutski), Philip Madoc (Ivan), Terence Alexander (Tarquin Ponsonby-Fry), Peter Barkworth (Percy), Graham Armitage (Algy), Timothy Bateson (Mr. Merryweather), Joanna Jones (Hilda), Edwin Apps (J. Nathan Winters), John G. Heller (Grotski)

Directed by Charles Chrichton
Produced by Albert Fennell and Brian Clemens

UK: 11th March, 1967

*Featuring John Steed and Mrs. Emma Peel

*”Mrs Peel, we’re needed”: Mrs. Peel buys a newspaper, and discovers that it headline says ‘Mrs. Peel - We're Needed!’

*The tag scene: When Mrs. Peel arrives at Steed’s flat she finds him wearing a nice hat given to him by his former comrade.