Avengers Logo 'The Curious Case of the Countless Clues'
by Philip Levene
Avengers Cast

Members of the aristocracy are being blackmailed by a group of criminals who plant incriminating evidence at the scenes of murders that they themselves commit. Steed and Tara investigate, and discover that the mastermind behind the plan is a creative blackmailer with a weakness for fine paintings. But when Steed gets too close to the truth, the villains attempt to blackmail him - and the intended victim is Tara…

Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Linda Thorson (Tara King), Anthony Bate (Earle), Kenneth Cope (Gardiner), Tony Selby (Stanley), Peter Jones (Doyle), Tracy Reed (Janice), Edward De Souza (Flanders), George A. Cooper (Burgess), Reginald Jessup (Dawson)

Directed by Don Sharp
Produced by Albert Fennell and Brian Clemens

UK: 5th February, 1969

*Featuring John Steed and Tara King

*The tag scene: Tara performs surgery on Steed's injured bowler hat

*Working title: 'The Murderous Connection'