Avengers Logo 'The Decapod'
by Eric Paice
Avengers Cast

Yakob Borb, the president of the Balkan Republic, is visiting London to negotiate a contract for aid with the British government. But when his private secretary is mysteriously killed, Steed is called in to investigate. After persuading one of his contacts, the nightclub singer Venus Smith, into posing as Borb's secretary, Steed witnesses another murder involving Borb's bodyguard at a wrestling match. The murderer is apparently a famous masked wrestler known as ‘The Decapod’; after Steed talks to the man who wears the mask, another bodyguard is killed. Steed suspects that all is not what it seems, and fears that Venus may be caught in the middle...

Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Julie Stevens (Venus Smith), Paul Stassino (Yakob Borb), Philip Madoc (Stepan), Lynne Furlong (Edna Ramsden), Wolfe Morris (Ito), Raymond Adamson (Harry Ramsden), Harvey Ashby (Guards Officer), Pamela Conway (Girl in Shower), Douglas Robinson & Valentino Musetti (Bodyguards), Valerie Stanton (Cigarette Girl), the Dave Lee Trio

Directed by Don Leaver
Produced by Leonard White

UK: 13th October 1962

*Featuring John Steed, and introducing Venus Smith