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Arriving in a light aircraft from her latest mission, Mrs. Peel jumps into her car and returns home, carrying with her a small wooden box. After safely locking the box away in her house she heads off to an aquarium to enjoy a swim with some dolphins; however, unknown to Mrs. Peel, deadly enemy agents are on her tail, determined to steal the contents of the box. When she loses the key in the dolphin pool one of the villains recovers it, and soon a frantic chase ensues - will Mrs. Peel be able to stop the thieves, and how does a piggy bank point the way to a stolen diadem?

Diana Rigg (Mrs. Emma Peel)
[rest of cast unknown as no credits appear]

Germany: 1967 / 1968?

*Featuring Mrs. Emma Peel

*This extremely rare black-and-while silent film has a running time of twelve minutes, and is believed to have been shown around 1967-1968

*It was produced for German television; although cast and production details are very sketchy; it is possible that it was made by Accentfilm International, who also produced ‘Minikillers’

*The incidental music is a reworking of both the ‘Avengers’ theme and the Mrs. Peel theme, as used in the original programme