Avengers Logo 'Diamond Cut Diamond'
by Max Marquis
Avengers Cast

Steed is instructed by One-Ten to pose as an airline steward believed to be a member of an illicit diamond smuggling ring, and who recently committed suicide. After taking up residence in his home at Heathrow, Steed meets Fiona Charles, a nurse with connections to Globe Airlines; following a successful flight to New York a party is thrown, and Steed subsequently returns home drunk. However, the next morning he awakes to find that he is now accused of killing a girl in a hit-and-run car accident that supposedly happened during the night. Doctor Keel is able to carry out blood and urine tests to determine that Steed was heavily drugged, and therefore was unable to have driven a car at the time. Absolved of the crime, Steed is then requested by Fiona to deliver a package to New York. Returning home, he is confronted by Fiona and her employer, Doctor Collard; having decided that his usefulness is over, the two smugglers intend to kill him and make it look like a suicide. But just before their plan can be put into practice, Keel arrives with the police.

Ian Hendry (Doctor David Keel), Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Douglas Muir (One-Ten), Sandra Dome (Fiona Charles), Hamlyn Benson (Doctor Collard), Ingrid Hafner (Carol Wilson), Joy Webster (Stella Creighton)

Directed by Peter Hammond
Produced by Leonard White

UK: 18th February, 1961

*Featuring Doctor David Keel and John Steed

*This episode was broadcast live

*This episode no longer exists