Avengers Logo 'Immortal Clay'
by James Mitchell
Avengers Cast

At an obscure pottery manufacturer, one of the firm's proprietors, Allen Marling, is on the verge of discovering an unbreakable ceramic. But when a man is found dead in a vat of liquid clay, it becomes clear that he was an industrial spy trying to steal the secret of the new porcelain. Mrs. Gale happens to be writing a book about ceramics, and she goes undercover as a potential buyer, while Steed, pretending to be a pottery expert from the government, attempts to find out which crook is doing the killing…

Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Honor Blackman (Cathy Gale), Paul Eddington (Richard Marling), James Bree (Miller), Bert Palmer (Josh Machen), Gary Watson (Allen Marling), Steve Plytas (De Groot), Rowena Gregory (Anne), Didi Sullivan (Mara Little), Douglas Muir (One-Ten), Frank Olegario (Blomberg)

Directed by Richmond Harding
Produced by John Bryce

UK: 12th January, 1963

*Featuring John Steed and Mrs. Cathy Gale