Avengers Logo 'The Medicine Men'
by Malcolm Hulke
Avengers Cast

Cheap imitations of pharmaceutical products produced by a company called Willis-Sopwith begin hitting the European market, appearing only months after the real products are released. When Steed and Mrs. Gale investigate Willis-Sopwith, a mysterious death amongst the staff of the company leads to an avant-garde artist and a plot to use poisoned stomach-powders to kill thousands of people in an obscure oil-laden country in order to stir up anti-British sentiments…

Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Honor Blackman (Cathy Gale), Peter Barkworth (Geoffrey Willis), Newton Blick (John Willis), Harold Innocent (Frank Leeson), Joy Wood (Miss Dowell), Monica Stevenson (Fay), John Crocker (Taylor), Peter Hughes (Edwards), Brenda Cowling (Masseuse)

Directed by Kim Mills
Produced by John Bryce

UK: 23rd November, 1963

*Featuring John Steed and Mrs. Cathy Gale