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Part 1
by W.v. Chmielewski
and M.v. Chmielewski
Minikillers Cast

Mrs. Peel is on holiday at the Spanish coastal resort of Mallonca. While relaxing by the hotel pool she witnesses the curious murder of a fellow guest, killed by a walking doll that sprays a deadly fluid into his face. Intrigued, Mrs. Peel takes the doll - much to the concern of a group of enemy agents, who decide that they must retrieve their remote-controller killer from her at all costs…

Diana Rigg (Mrs. Emma Peel), Jose Nieto, Jack Rocha, H. Coscollin, Mme. Million, El Sali

Directed by W.v. Chmielewski
Produced by H.G. Lückel and D. Nettemann
Presented by Accentfilm International

Germany: 1968?

*Featuring Mrs. Emma Peel

*Each episode of this extremely rare serial has a running time of seven minutes, and has no dialogue

*The serial was produced for German television