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Part 3
by W.v. Chmielewski
and M.v. Chmielewski
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Mrs. Peel is enjoying a drink at a café, unaware that the villains are watching her every move, and have hidden a doll containing a timebomb in her car. She finishes her drink and drives off, followed the villains, who are intent on watching her destruction. But when Mrs. Peel is forced to make an emergency stop to avoid another car, she discovers the doll and throws it back to the villains, who are caught up in the explosion. Later, Mrs. Peel receives an invitation to a rendezvous in a graveyard - where the villains have a coffin already prepared for her…

Diana Rigg (Mrs. Emma Peel), Jose Nieto, Jack Rocha, H. Coscollin, Mme. Million, El Sali

Directed by W.v. Chmielewski
Produced by H.G. Lückel and D. Nettemann
Presented by Accentfilm International

Germany: 1968?

*Featuring Mrs. Emma Peel

*Each episode of this extremely rare serial has a running time of seven minutes, and has no dialogue

*The serial was produced for German television