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Part 4
by W.v. Chmielewski
and M.v. Chmielewski
Minikillers Cast

When Mrs. Peel watches a display of Flamenco dancing, she realises that the dancer is actually the second Interpol agent that the villains are planning to murder. But before she can warn him he is killed by one of the remote-controlled dolls, and Mrs. Peel soon finds herself bound and gagged and lying under the moving stage, about to be crushed when it makes its descent. Luckily, she jams the mechanism with her ring and escapes, and finds a storeroom filled with the deadly dolls and cases of smuggled wine. Meanwhile, the boss has decided to set another of the killer dolls onto Mrs. Peel…

Diana Rigg (Mrs. Emma Peel), Jose Nieto, Jack Rocha, H. Coscollin, Mme. Million, El Sali

Directed by W.v. Chmielewski
Produced by H.G. Lückel and D. Nettemann
Presented by Accentfilm International

Germany: 1968?

*Featuring Mrs. Emma Peel

*Each episode of this extremely rare serial has a running time of seven minutes, and has no dialogue

*The serial was produced for German television