Avengers Logo 'Moon Express'
by Norman Daniels
Jacket Illustration


That's exactly what someone is offering: a trip to the moon, and a chance to select for oneself a large slice of lunar real estate!

Breathes there a man, woman or child with soul so dead they wouldn't jump at such an opportunity? Or who would quibble over the cost? (One would expect it to be astronomical.)

One thing is certain: Her Majesty's government isn't behind this hush-hush project. Who is?

Nothing will do but for John Steed and Tara King to get themselves invited to participate in this expensive venture, unmask the organizers, and find out precisely what they are up to.

It's THE AVENGERS all the way - even when it means the moon!

Released By:
Berkley Medallion Books

Release Date:

*Featuring John Steed and Tara King

Mrs. Emma Peel appears on the cover despite not being in the book

*This novel was only released in the U.S.A.