Avengers Logo 'Mr. Teddy Bear'
by Martin Woodhouse
Avengers Cast

When a man dies from cyanide poisoning on live television, One-Ten assigns Steed to find a professional assassin code-named Mr. Teddy Bear. Steed is aided by his new partner, Mrs. Catherine Gale; in this, her first undercover assignment, she helps Steed to locate the assassin, and then negotiates a deal with him: to murder Steed. When Mr. Teddy Bear makes an attempt on Steed's life, he narrowly fails; the assassin becomes suspicious, and tricks Mrs. Gale into returning to him. Realising that her cover has been blown, Mrs Gale has no choice but to do what he says, even if it means taking a ‘sleeping pill’ to ensure her silence....

Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Honor Blackman (Cathy Gale), Douglas Muir (One-Ten), Bernard Goldman (Mr. Teddy Bear), Tim Brinton (Interviewer), Kenneth Keeling (Col. Wayne-Gilley), John Horsley (Dr Gilmore), John Rudduck (Dr James Howell), Michael Robbins (Henry), Michael Collins (Technician), Sarah Maxwell (Cafe Girl)

Directed by Richmond Harding
Produced by Leonard White

UK: 29th September 1962

*Featuring John Steed, and introducing Mrs. Cathy Gale