Avengers Logo 'The Sell-Out'
by Anthony Terpiloff
and Brandon Brady
Avengers Cast

When important settlement meetings relating to crises in the Middle East are beset by a spate of murders, Steed is convinced that there is an informer. But his view is not shared by his superior, One-Twelve, who instructs Steed to protect Roland, the U.N. negotiator, in London to take part in the important talks. In order to discover the informant, Steed poses as Roland, but when there is another successful assassination attempt, several of Steed's colleagues and even Steed himself come under suspicion; but then Doctor King proves to be the key to discovering the traitor…

Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Jon Rollason (Doctor Martin King), Frank Gatliff (Harvey), Carleton Hobbs (M'sieur Roland), Arthur Hewlett (One Twelve), Gillian Muir (Judy), Anne Godley (Lilian), Michael Mellinger (Fraser), Richard Klee (Workman), Storm Durr (Gunman), Cyril Renison (Customer), Anthony Blackshaw (Policeman), Ray Browne (Price)

Directed by Don Leaver
Produced by Leonard White

UK: 24th November 1962

*Featuring John Steed and Doctor Martin King

*Working title: 'Traitor'