Avengers Logo 'Something Nasty in the Nursery'
by Philip Levene
Avengers Cast

Steed acquires a nanny - Emma shops for toys!

A government agent named Dobson is found dead and sucking his thumb in the home of the Chief of Defence, General Wilmot. Meanwhile, missile sites and other secrets are leaking from high sources, and when one such official mentions the name of his nanny, Steed pays her a visit at a nanny training school known as the G.O.N.N. - the Guild of Noble Nannies. Here Steed uncovers a plot to reduce high-ranking officials to a state of mental childhood using plastic footballs coated in a hallucinogenic drug, leaving them susceptible to questioning by their ‘former’ nanny…

Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Diana Rigg (Emma Peel), Dudley Foster (Mr. Goat), Yootha Joyce (Miss Lister), Patrick Newell (Sir George Collins), Geoffrey Sumner (General Wilmot), Paul Eddington (Beaumont), Paul Hardwick (Webster), Clive Dunn (Martin), George Merritt (James), Enid Lorimer (Nanny Roberts), Louise Ramsay (Nanny Smith), Penelope Keith (Nanny Brown)*, Dennis Chinnery (Dobson)
*Credited but does not appear

Directed by James Hill
Produced by Albert Fennell and Brian Clemens

UK: 22nd April, 1967

*Featuring John Steed and Mrs. Emma Peel

*”Mrs Peel, we’re needed”: Mrs. Peel wakes up to find a toy carousel nearby which has the words ‘Mrs. Peel’ on it; Steed then arrives and says “We're needed.”

*The tag scene: Mrs. Peel looks into a crystal ball to see Steed's future, but the message inside the ball says ‘Watch next week’!