Avengers Logo 'Stay Tuned'
by Tony Williamson
Avengers Cast

Steed prepares to leave for a three-week holiday, but as he leaves his flat Tara arrives and informs him that he has already had his holiday. Steed has no recollection of his three-week absence, and so Father, the blind woman filling in for Mother, removes him from active duty so that he can investigate what happened during the missing period of time. Unsure whether his amnesia is benign, or a sign of something sinister, Steed soon finds that a strange oriental holds the key to his uncovering a plot to kill Mother...

Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Linda Thorson (Tara King), Patrick Newell (Mother), Iris Russell (Father), Kate O'Mara (Lisa), Gary Bond (Proctor), Roger Delgado (Kreer), Duncan Lamont (Wilks), Howard Marion-Crawford (Collins), Denise Buckley (Sally), Harold Kasket (Doctor Meitner), Ewan Roberts (Travers), Patrick Westwood (Taxi Driver)

Directed by Don Chaffey
Produced by Albert Fennell and Brian Clemens

UK: 26th February, 1969

*Featuring John Steed, Tara King and Mother

*The tag scene: Tara is about to leave on holidays, but changes her plans when she discovers that Steed's next mission is in Bermuda…