Avengers Logo 'Toy Trap'
by Bill Strutton
Avengers Cast

Bunty, a friend of Doctor Keel is worried about the disappearance of her roommate Chrissie. Asked to help, Keel investigates, and discovers that a prostitution ring is soliciting girls living in the hostel. When another girlfriend agrees to enter the prostitution ring, it allows Steed to uncover the prostitution ringleader - Mrs. McCabe, the hostel's landlady.

Ian Hendry (Doctor David Keel), Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Hazel Graeme (May Murton), Tony Van Bridge (Henry Burge), Nina Mariott (Alice), Sally Smith (Bunty Seton), Ann Tirard (Mrs. McCabe), Brandon Brady (Freddie), Brian Jackson (Johnnie), Lionel Burns (Photographer), Tex Fuller (Lennie Taylor), Mitzi Rogers (Ann)

Directed by Don Leaver
Produced by Leonard White

UK: 22nd July, 1961

*Featuring Doctor David Keel and John Steed

*This episode no longer exists