Avengers Logo 'Traitor in Zebra'
by John Gilbert
Avengers Cast

When a top secret experimental satellite tracking system is jammed each time it is tested, Steed and Mrs. Gale are called in to investigate reports that an officer on HMS Zebra is passing secret information to the enemy. After Steed poses as a military psychiatrist, and Cathy as a research chemist, they find that the traitor insists he is innocent. Steed and Mrs. Gale discover that the information is in fact being passed by someone else, on notes disguised as darts scores. Eventually the real traitor is revealed to be Franks, who plants a bomb. In a display of iron nerves, Steed forces Franks to diffuse it in the nick of time.

Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Honor Blackman (Cathy Gale), Noel Coleman (Nash), Danvers Walker (Crane), June Murphy (Maggie), William Gaunt (Graham), Richard Leech (Franks), Ian Shand (Mellors), John Sharpe (Rankin), Katy Wild (Linda), Jack Stewart (Thorne)

Directed by Richmond Harding
Produced by Leonard White

UK: 8th December 1962

*Featuring John Steed and Mrs. Cathy Gale