Avengers Logo 'Wish You Were Here'
by Tony Williamson
Avengers Cast

Tara learns her that uncle has been on holiday for a month, and that no one is able to contact him; deciding to investigate, she travels to the Elizabethan Hotel where he is staying in order to find him. When her uncle tells her that he and his fellow guests are all being held prisoner, Tara refuses to believe him; she tries to leave and get help, but promptly falls victim to several strange accidents which prevent her from leaving the building. Tara soon discovers that the hotel provides a unique service for certain guests: they can check in, but cannot check out - ever. In an attempt to undermine the hotel operations, Tara and her uncle take over the kitchens, but unknown to them there is a traitor in their midst...

Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Linda Thorson (Tara King), Patrick Newell (Mother), Liam Redmond (Charles Merrydale), Robert Urquhart (Maxwell), Brook Williams (Basil), Dudley Foster (Parker), Gary Watson (Kendrick), Richard Caldicot (Mellor), Derek Newark (Vickers), David Garth (Brevitt), Louise Pajo (Miss Craven), John Cazabon (Mr. Maple), Sandra Fehr (Attractive Girl)

Directed by Don Chaffey
Produced by Albert Fennell and Brian Clemens

UK: 12th February, 1969

*Featuring John Steed, Tara King and Mother

*The tag scene: Tara arrives at Steed's flat, only to find that he is being held prisoner there - while babysitting his neighbour’s baby

*Working title: 'The Prisoner'