Avengers Logo 'You'll Catch Your Death'
by Jeremy Burnham
Avengers Cast

Ear, nose, and throat specialists are inexplicably sneezing themselves to death, and the only clues are plain, white, and mysteriously empty envelopes found by the corpses. While Tara is captured by the enemy, Steed talks to a stationery specialist, and learns that a nursing school ordered 10,000 envelopes, but and no writing paper. After investigating the nursing school, Steed soon discovers that the envelopes are far from empty - they actually contain a concentrated viral strain that kills the victim instantly. He manages to locate the perpetrators, but will he be in time to stop them before Tara catches a cold..?

Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Linda Thorson (Tara King), Patrick Newell (Mother), Roland Culver (Colonel Timothy), Valentine Dyall (Butler), Fulton Mackay (Glover), Sylvia Kay (Matron), Dudley Sutton (Dexter), Peter Bourne (Preece), Charles Lloyd Pack (Doctor Fawcett), Henry McGee (Maidwell), Hamilton Dyce (Camrose), Bruno Barnabe (Farrar), Fiona Hartford (Janice), Geoffrey Chater (Seaton), Jennifer Clulow (Georgina), Emma Cochrane (Melanie), Willoughby Gray (Padley), Andrew Laurence (Herrick), Douglas Blackwell (Postman)

Directed by Paul Dickson
Produced by Albert Fennell and Brian Clemens

UK: 16th October, 1968

*Featuring John Steed, Tara King and Mother

*The tag scene: Steed and Tara are both suffering from colds

*Working title: 'Atishoo, Atishoo, All Fall Down'