Doctor Who Logo 'The Awakening'
(2 Parts)
Story Code '6M'

by Eric Pringle
The Doctor

The Doctor takes Tegan to the village of Little Hodcombe on Earth in 1984, to visit her grandfather, Andrew Verney. They arrive during the villagers' War Games, a re-enactment led by Sir George Hutchinson and Colonel Wolsey, of the time the English Civil War came to Little Hodcombe, and discover that Verney has vanished. The games become terrifyingly real when Hutchinson captures the Doctor, Tegan and Turlough, and Tegan is made Queen of the May, a human sacrifice. The Doctor escapes and meets Will Chandler, a young boy from the year 1643. Together with Jane Hampden, a local historian, they discover a huge alien creature hidden behind a stone wall, which begins to break out from its place of concealment. The creature is the Malus, an evil alien probe from the planet Harkol, which crashed on Earth during the Civil War. The Malus was discovered dormant by Verney, but reawakened by the deranged mind of Hutchinson, who then imprisoned Verney. The Malus is using the War Games to generate the psychic energy that it feeds off of, in order to fully awaken itself. Colonel Wolsey, who has realised the evil behind the games, resues Tegan. The Doctor and his friends rescue Verney, and the Time Lord uses the TARDIS to cut off the flow of psychic energy to the Malus. The Malus uses the last of its psychic energy in an attempt the kill the Doctor and his friends, but Will pushes Hutchinson into the gaping maw of the creature, which, furious, decides to self-destruct - the resulting energy backlash destroys both the creature and the church.

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Janet Fielding (Tegan), Mark Strickson (Turlough), Polly James (Jane Hampden), Denis Lill (Sir George), Glyn Houston (Colonel Wolsey), Jack Galloway (Joseph Willow), Keith Jayne (Will Chandler), Christopher Saul (Trooper), Frederick Hall (Andrew Verney)

Produced by John Nathan-Turner
Directed by Michael Owen Morris

Part 1 - 19th January, 1984 @ 6.40pm - 7.05pm
Part 2 - 20th January, 1984 @ 6.40pm - 7.05pm

*Featuring the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, and Turlough

*Working titles: 'Poltergeist' and 'War Game'