Doctor Who Logo 'Death and the Daleks'
(2 Parts)

by Paul Cornell
Jacket Illustration

The Braxiatel Collection has been occupied by the Fifth Axis. Who seem to be led by a figure from Bernice's past. Behind him lies the evil time travelling power of the Daleks. As Bernice's friends rise up to end the occupation, Bernice embarks on a desperate rescue mission, to somewhere she last went long ago. Braxiatel confronts his destiny, Jason risks all for his love and lives are shattered and lost as the battle of the Braxiatel reaches it's epic conclusion. Our heroes will live free or die...

Lisa Bowerman (Professor Bernice Summerfield), Miles Richardson (Irving Braxiatel), Stephen Fenell (Jason Kane), Harry Myes (Adrian Wall), Steve Wickham (Joseph), Louise Faulkner (Bev Tarrant), Beverly Cressman (Ms Jones), Ian Collier (Isaac Summerfield), Michael Shalland (Marshall Anson), Andrew Westfield (Bernard Moskof)
Directed by Gary Russell


*Featuring Benny and Jason

*To keep the identity of the story's villains a secret, Big Finish listed this adventure as 'The Axis of Evil', right up to the point that it was released

*A Big Finish 'The Adventures of Bernice Summerfield' Audio Adventure

*This double-CD also includes the short story 'Closure', previously released on the CD 'Buried Treasures'

*Working titles: 'The Daleks', 'Dominion of the Daleks', 'Axis of Evil'