Blake's 7 Logo 'Breakdown'
by Terry Nation
Blake's 7 Cast

Gan’s limiter implant malfunctions, causing him to suffer a mental breakdown. Realising that he will die without the proper medical attention, Blake and the Liberator crew set a course for a neutral medical space-station designated XK72 - despite warnings from Zen that their course will lead them to cross a prohibited sector of space. When Liberator enters the zone Zen goes dead; Avon warns Blake that piloting the ship without a computer will be suicide, but Blake ignores him and refuses to turn back the vessel. The unknown danger of the sector soon becomes apparent when Liberator is steadily drawn into a gravitational vortex, and it is only when Avon manages to bypass Zen’s systems that they manages to escape its deadly pull. Furious with Blake’s stupidity, Avon warns him that he will not tolerate staying with him any more. The ship finally arrives at XK72, where the brilliant neurosurgeon Doctor Kayn agrees to operate on Gan, and Avon joins the medical station’s staff. However, Doctor Kayn betrays the station’s neutrality by contacting the Federation and informing them of Blake and his crew’s presence there. He delays the operation, in order to buy time for the approaching Federation pursuit ships, but Avon discovers his actions, and returns to warn Blake, who then forces Kayn to carry out the operation that Gan so desperately needs. As the operation is completed, pursuits ships arrive and open fire; a plasma bolt narrowly misses Liberator, but instead destroys the station, enabling Blake and his crew to flee capture.

Gareth Thomas (Roj Blake), Sally Knyvette (Jenna Stannis), Michael Keating (Vila Restal), Paul Darrow (Kerr Avon), David Jackson (Olag GanZen), Jan Chappell (Cally), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan), Stephen Greif (Travis), Julian Glover (Kayn), Ian Thompson (Farren), Christian Roberts (Renor)

Directed by Vere Lorrimer
Produced by David Maloney

6th March, 1978 @ 7.15 pm - 8.10 pm

*Featuring Roj Blake, Kerr Avon, Jenna Stannis, Vila Restal, Olag Gan, Cally and Zen