Blake's 7 Logo 'The Harvest of Kairos'
by Ben Steed
Blake's 7 Cast

Tarrant has come to see himself as the new leader of the Liberator crew, and proposes to steal a Federation shipment of a rare mineral called Kairopan. Avon is too engrossed in his experiments on a piece of rock-like Sopron - which is somehow able to ‘reflect’ an accentuated image of the observer back to it - to care about objecting, and so the others go along with Tarrant’s scheme. Meanwhile, Servalan meets with Jarvik, a construction worker who once captained the Kairopan transporter alongside Tarrant, who served as his lieutenant. Jarvik arrogantly boasts that he can capture the Liberator; Servalan finds him very attractive, and so decides to allow him the chance to put his plan into effect. Jarvik hides his men aboard the transporter, and when the cargo is brought aboard Liberator, they emerge and seize the ship. In return for safe passage to the nearest planet, Avon is forced to agree to turn control of Liberator over to Servalan, instructing Zen to take orders from her now. Servalan agrees, knowing that the nearest planet is Kairos - where anyone staying on the surface soon dies. Avon, Tarrant, Vila, Cally and Dayna teleport to the planet, and soon encounter a web-like substance and huge spiders. When they seek refuge in an old building they find an ancient space module. Servalan sends Jarvik down to the planet after them, so that he can retrieve their teleport bracelets; Dayna refuses, and the two of them fight. One of the huge spiders appears and Jarvik is teleported back, along with Dayna. Avon persuades Tarrant and the others to launch the capsule into space; he then uses the Sopron to convince Servalan that their approaching craft is much more powerful than Liberator. Servalan panics and abandons ship, and a shot meant for Dayna instead kills Jarvik. Back on board their vessel, the Liberator crew take the ship out of orbit.

Paul Darrow (Kerr Avon), Michael Keating (Vila Restal), Jan Chappell (Cally), Josette Simon (Dayna Mellanby), Steven Pacey (Del Tarrant), Peter Tuddenham (Zen / Orac), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan), Andrew Burt (Jarvik), Frank Gatliff (Dastor), Anthony Gardner (Shad), Charles Jamieson (Guard), Sam Davies (Carlon), Christopher Douglas (First & Third Leader), Hywel David (Interceptor Captain & Leader Two), Stuart Fell (Labourer)

Directed by Gerald Blake
Produced by David Maloney

4th February 1980 @ 7.15 pm - 8.10 pm

*Featuring Kerr Avon, Vila Restal, Cally, Dayna Mellanby, Del Tarrant, Zen and Orac