Blake's 7 Logo 'The Keeper'
by Allan Prior
Blake's 7 Cast

Having arrived at the planet Goth, Blake, Jenna and Vila teleport down to locate the chieftain who holds the copy of Lurgan’s brain-print. Meanwhile, aboard Liberator, Avon and Cally see Travis’ spaceship, and so leave orbit and destroy it, believing that they have finally killed him. When the surface party are no longer able to contact the ship, Jenna and Vila are captured by Goths, but Blake evades capture, and returns to Liberator once it returns to orbit. Back in the Tents of Goth, Jenna and Vila encounter Servalan and Travis, who are also searching for the brain-print; they learn that Lurgan has gone, but the chieftain Gola and his sister Tara both wear amulets around their necks - and that Gola now wants to ‘pair-bond’ with Jenna. Learning of the destruction of his ship, Travis tells Servalan that he wishes to contact the Federation from aboard her vessel; Servalan distrusts him, but reluctantly agrees to allow him access to her ship. On Liberator, Avon sees Servalan’s ship and decides to destroy it, but Cally refuses to leave orbit again; Travis betrays Servalan, and leaves. Having discovered that Tara’s amulet does not contain the brain-print, Jenna is forced to go along with Gola’s advances so that she can get close to him. When Vila is given the position of the court’s new fool, his sleight-of-hand tricks please Gola, but leave the original fool angry. To regain his status, the fool tricks Gola into sending Vila to the dungeons. After Blake meets Gola’s brother Rod, who seeks the throne for himself, they agree to meet down below; here Blake finds another prisoner, a mad, rambling old man, held in a cell near to Vila’s. Jenna’s plan to trick the fool results in Vila’s release from imprisonment, but hopes of a successful mission are quickly dashed when they find that Gola’s amulet is also blank. In an attempt to kill Gola, Rod is killed by his brother, but he in turn is poisoned by Tara. Rod’s body is found to have an amulet, but it too is devoid of the brain-print. Tara reveals that there is one more chieftain: her father, who is imprisoned in the dungeons below. They rush to the cells, but the dying old man’s amulet is blank too; however, as he dies, his final words to Blake are “A fool knows everything and nothing”. The phrase is a hypnotic trigger, which causes the court fool to enter a trance: Lurgan implanted the co-ordinates to Star One in his mind. The fool reveals the location - Blake finally has his target…

Gareth Thomas (Roj Blake), Sally Knyvette (Jenna Stannis), Michael Keating (Vila Restal), Paul Darrow (Kerr Avon), Jan Chappell (Cally), Peter Tuddenham (Zen / Orac), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan), Brian Croucher (Travis), Bruce Purchase (Gola), Shaun Curry (Rod), Freda Jackson (Tara), Arthur Hewlett (Old Man), Cengiz Saner (Fool), Ron Tarr (Patrol Leader)

Directed by Derek Martinus
Produced by David Maloney

27th March, 1979 @ 7.15 pm - 8.10 pm

*Featuring Roj Blake, Kerr Avon, Jenna Stannis, Vila Restal, Cally, Zen and Orac