Blake's 7 Logo 'Project Avalon'
by Terry Nation
Blake's 7 Cast

The resistance leader Avalon contacts Blake, asking for transportation. But when Blake and his crew arrive, they find that she has been captured by Travis, and her resistance followers massacred, except for one lone survivor named Chevner. Blake mounts a rescue attempt, and frees Avalon from a Federation installation; however, he is suspicious at how easily the escape went. Cally is then attacked while aboard Liberator, and the crew hold Chevnor to be a Federation agent - until Chevnor is murdered, and his dying words give a warning to Jenna. Meanwhile, Avalon is revealed to be in possession of a phial containing a deadly disease which she is intent on releasing aboard the ship. When Jenna confirms that Avalon is in fact an android facsimile, the fake Avalon is overpowered. After Avon reprogrammes the robot, Blake teleports back to the planet where Avalon is being held by Travis and Servalan. Blake gives an ultimatum: the android will release the disease unless Avalon is turned over to Blake. Servalan realises that the fanatical Blake would indeed sacrifice his life to destroy them, and so sets Avalon free. As the resistance leader leaves with Blake, a furious Servalan informs Travis that there will be an inquiry into his failure…

Gareth Thomas (Roj Blake), Sally Knyvette (Jenna Stannis), Michael Keating (Vila Restal), Paul Darrow (Kerr Avon), David Jackson (Olg GanZen), Jan Chappell (Cally), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan), Stephen Greif (Travis), Julia Vidler (Avalon), David Bailie (Chevner), Glynis Barber (Mutoid), John Baker (Scientist), John Rolfe (Terloc), David Sterne, Mark Holmes (Guards)

Directed by Michael Briant
Produced by David Maloney

27th February, 1978 @ 7.15 pm - 8.10 pm

*Featuring Roj Blake, Kerr Avon, Jenna Stannis, Vila Restal, Olag Gan, Cally and Zen