Doctor Who Logo 'Road Trip':
'Bad Habits'

by Simon Barnard
and Paul Morris
Jacket Illustration

Meet Sister Bernice - newest initiate into the order of Saint Celestion. Such is her devotion to the faith that she and her young companion, Sister Ruth, have undertaken a pilgrimage to the planet Agora, birthplace of the blessed Saint himself.

The pilgrims aren’t alone, however. Also on the planet is a team of archaeologists searching for the lost tomb of Celestion - a subject in which Sister Bernice seems curiously interested…

In their quest to unearth an ancient relic that will point the way to Legion, Bernice and Ruth will face some fearsome challenges: the dreaded Blood Beast of Thaloon, the randiest Bishop in the galaxy, and an ancient cult with some very bad habits indeed…

Lisa Bowerman (Professor Bernice Summerfield), Marcus Harris (Brian), Paul Jones (The D.J.), Jacqueline King (Mother Aurelia), Nigel Lambert (Bishop Synesius), Charlie Langdell (Sister Marianne), Ian H Watkins (Professor Melville Trout)

Directed by Gary Russell

*Featuring Benny

*A Big Finish 'The Adventures of Bernice Summerfield' Audio Release