Battlestar Galactica Logo 'Blood and Chrome'

by Michael Taylor,
David Eick,
Bradley Thompson
and David Weddle
Croker, Adama and Commander Nash

Part 1
The tenth year of the First Cylon War. When the young and cocky Ensign William Adama begins his tenure aboard the Galactica, he is disappointed to find that instead of the Viper that he has been trained to fly, he is assigned to be a ‘bus driver’ on the cargo raptor Wild Weasle. After a shaky introduction to his co-pilot, Coker Fasjovik, Adama is summoned to the bridge for a briefing by Commander Silas Nash, who sends them both on a round trip to the Scorpion Ship Yards.

Part 2
Preparing the Wild Weasel for its four-day Milk Run mission, Coker and his new co-pilot - now nick-named ‘Husker’ - are surprised to learn that as well as a consignment of ordinance, their cargo also comprises of one Doctor Beka Kelly, an attractive software engineer whom Adama recently met in the showers. However, just after Adama has taken the Wild Weasel out of the Galactica, Beka hands over a sealed envelope with orders from the admiralty: instead of going to the Scorpion Ship yards, Adama and Coker are to rendezvous with the heavy cruiser Archeron at the edge of Cylon space. Coker is furious, but Adama is pleased at the prospect of some action – until he learns that Beka was one of those responsible for creating the Cylons. After two days the Wild Weasel reaches the rendezvous point, only to find the shattered remains of the Archeron hanging lifelessly in space; as Adama takes the ship in to investigate, three Cylon raiders appear and open fire…

Part 3
The Wild Weasel manages to survive the attack from the three Cylon raiders, thanks to Adama’s fancy flying aided by Coker manning the tailgun. However, Doctor Kelly refuses to allow her escorts to return to the Galactica, and instead orders them to send a message; she immediately gets a response: a set of coordinates in Cylon space. With just forty-seven days left in his tour of duty Coker refuses to go, but as the raptor’s pilot, Adama overrules him, insisting that they take Beka to the rendezvous point. Arriving at the coordinates, the Wild Weasel is met by two Colonial Vipers and escorted deep into an asteroid field, where they discover a fleet of ‘ghost ships’ - vessels that have been reported as destroyed, including the Battlestar Valkyrie

Part 4
Amongst the fleet of ghost ships hiding out in Cylon space, Adama, Coker and Beka are brought aboard the Osiris. When Adama volunteers to continue with the mission, Commander Ozar turns him down; but when Beka insists that she stick with her two escorts, Ozar reluctantly agrees, and she briefs them on the next stage of the mission: to deliver Beka to a team of marines on the ice planet Djerba. Coker meets one of the Viper pilots assigned to escort them, an old friend named Jim Kirby, who has been officially listed as dead; the two men enjoy a happy reunion, and as they catch up, Jim is overjoyed to learn that he is now a father. The Osiris jumps to Djerba – just as a Cylon basestar jumps in behind them and unleashes a swarm of raiders; the Osiris captain gives the order to engage with the enemy, planning to distract the Cylons while the Wild Weasel heads for the planet below…

Part 5
With the battle between the Colonial and Cylon ships raging all around them, Adama pilots the Wild Weasel towards the surface of the planet Djerba. When the Osiris takes a direct hit, her captain gives the order to ram the basestar: as the vessel plows into the center of the massive Cylon ship, the captain detonates the Osiris’s nukes, destroying the enemy vessel. Meanwhile, three Cylon raiders pursue the Wild Weasel, destroying one of the raptor’s Viper escorts; Coker and Jim take out two of the enemy ships, but Jim’s Viper is damaged, forcing him to return to the fleet. Adama manages to deal with the remaining fighter with some hair-raising flying, but in the process the raptor is hit and forced to make a crash-landing…

Part 6
Marooned on the ice planet of Djerba, Coker and Adama clash over abandoning the heavily-damaged Wild Weasel, but are overruled by Beka and her gun. Together they make their way through the icy wastes, following the tracking signal on Beka’s receiver until they arrive at a large cave; however, when they step inside, they find only the butchered remains of the marines they were meant to meet, the snow-covered corpses clearly dead for some time. At that moment the ground gives way on Coker and Beca; Adama attempts to rescue them, but his rope gives way, and he falls into the pit too. The trio are immediately attacked by a giant, cybernetically-enhanced snake, an experimental creature created by the Cylons; luckily for them they are saved by the timely arrival of Tech Sergeant Toth, the sole survivor of the ambushed marines, who swiftly deals with the snake. After helping Adama, Coker and Beca out of the pit, Toth makes it violently clear that they follow him; with a storm raging and a Cylon patrol close by, the party head for the safety of an abandoned ski lodge…

Part 7
Toth leads Adama, Coker and Beca to his base in the abandoned ski lodge, which was also once used by the Cylons as a storage facility; while Toth takes first watch, Adama and Beka bed down for the night in one of the suites… Afterwards, Adama leaves Beka and joins Coker in the shattered remains of the ballroom, where the co-pilot is playing piano and enjoying the delights of the expensive drinks left behind. However, as the two men share shots an explosion sounds from outside: a trip-wire has been triggered – the Cylons have found them…

Part 8
Adama and Coker rush to get Beka, only to find her suite empty. Toth engages with the two attacking Cylons, but is quickly cut down in the firefight. Fleeing from a Cylon, Beka hides in the facility’s walkthrough freezer; inside she finds frozen, partially-dissected human bodies, the gruesome remains of Cylon experimentation. Searching for Beka, Adama encounters one of the Cylons, ably destroying it with the use of a metal bar. The remaining Cylon locates Beka, but as it closes in for the kill it is halted by the sight of the tag she wears around her neck; at that moment Coker arrives on the scene: taking advantage of the robot’s distraction, he guns down the Cylon…

Part 9
In the aftermath of the Cylons’ ambush Adama and Coker clash over the completion of their mission. Drawing his gun, Coker forces Beka to explain the reason for their foray into Cylon space: she needs to get to a Cylon transmission array six klicks away so that she can upload a computer virus secreted in her necklace, which will blind the enemy defence system. After Coker reluctantly agrees to continue, the trio gain entry to the array and make their way to the control room; however, as Beka begins the upload of the virus she is shot by Coker – he has worked out that the doctor has betrayed them, and is actually giving the Cylons data she has recorded about the Colonial ghost fleet. Beka in turn shoots Coker and Adama – but she only succeeds in wounding them before her gun runs out of ammo. Enraged at Beka’s betrayal, Adama opens fire on the control banks, halting the upload; he then leads the injured Coker out of the complex, leaving Beka to her fate…

Part 10
Making their way across the icy wastes of Djerba, Adama and the badly-wounded Coker pause to rest. After activating a Colonial distress beacon, they struggle to hold out until rescue comes…

Luke Pasqualino (William ‘Husker’ Adama), Ben Cotton (ECO Coker Fasjovik), Lili Bordán (Doctor Beka Kelly), Mike Dopud (Captain Deke ‘Minute Man’ Tornvald), Brian Markinson (Commander Silas Nash), Zak Santiago (Armin ‘High Top’ Diaz), Carmen Moore (Senior Lieutenant Nina Leotie), Karen LeBlanc (Jenna), Adrian Holmes (Lieutenant Decklan Elias), Tom Stevens (Marine Baris ), Jordan Weller (Seamus Fahey), Toby Levins (Pilot ‘Sandman’), Allison Warnyca (Jaycie McGavin), Jill Teed (Commander Ozar), Ty Olsson (Osiris Tactical Officer), Leo Li Chiang (Osirus Marine Sergeant), Sebastian Spence (Lieutenant Jim ‘Sunshine’ Kirby), John Pyper-Ferguson (Tech Sergeant Xander Toth)

Directed by Jonas Pate
Executive producers David Eick, Jonas Pate and Michael Taylor

Release Date:
9th November 2012

*Featuring Ensign William Adama, and introducing Coker Fasjovik and Commander Silas Nash

*This story was originally released on in November 2012 as ten twelve-minute episodes, before being transmitted as a two-hour movie in early 2013 on the Syfy channel