Battlestar Galactica Logo 'Someone To Watch Over Me'

Story Code: '417'
by Bradley Thompson
and David Weddle
Battlestar Galactica Cast

Haunted by the memory of the skeleton she found on Earth, and frustrated at the fruitless search for a habitable planet, Starbuck finds solace in Joe’s Bar, where she befriends a mysterious piano player. Apollo confirms the election of a Six, Sonja, to the Quorum; the Cylon’s first act is to use her newfound political power to request that Boomer be turned over for trial for her treasonous actions in the Cylon civil war. Despite the repair work to the Galactica’s hull, the ship still continues to experience tremors and power outages. Visiting Boomer in the brig, Tyrol finds himself transported into a projection of their dream house together, Boomer’s mental retreat to escape her incarceration; although initially shocked, he finds himself drawn back to this virtual world again and again. After Starbuck tells the piano player about a piece of music she played with her father; she realises that it is linked to a picture drawn by Hera – and is unaware that it is the same tune heard by the Final Five, ‘All Along the Watchtower’. Confused by his conflicting emotions, Tyrol asks President Roslin and Admiral Adama to release Boomer; when they turn down his request, he takes matters into his own hands, kidnapping another Eight and switching her for Boomer. Now free, Boomer brutally assaults and overpowers Athena, seduces Helo, kidnaps Hera and then makes her escape in a Raptor…

Edward James Olmos (Admiral William Adama), Mary McDonnell (President Laura Roslin), Katee Sackhoff (Captain Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace), Jamie Bamber (Major Lee 'Apollo' Adama), James Callis (Doctor Gaius Baltar), Tricia Helfer (Caprica 6 / Number 6 / Sonja), Grace Park (Lieutenant J.G. Sharon 'Athena' Valerii / Boomer / Number 8), Michael Hogan (Colonel Saul Tigh), Aaron Douglas (Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol), Brad Dryborough (Lieutenant Hoshi), Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh), Donnelly Rhodes (Doctor Cottle), Rekha Sharma (Tory Foster), Torrance Coombs (Lance Corporal C. Sellers), Ivan Cermak (Corporal D. Wallace), Curtis Caravaggio (Nathanson), Cherilynn Fulbright (Dionne), Patrick Gilmore (Rafferty), Samantha Caine (Off-duty Crew Person), Erika-Shaye Gair (Young Kara), Darcy Laurie (Dealino), Sonja Bennett (Specialist Marcie Brasko), Iliana Gomez-Martinez (Hera Agathon), Roark Critchlow (Slick)

Directed by Michael Nankin
Produced by Ron E. French and Michael Rymer
Co-Executive Producers Michael Angeli, Jane Espenson, Michael Taylor and Mark Verheiden
Executive Producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick
Consulting Producer Glen A. Larson

TX (US - Sci-Fi Channel):
27th February 2009 @ 10.00 pm

*Featuring Admiral Adama, Colonel Tigh, Captain Starbuck, Lieutenant Athena, Apollo and Laura Roslin