Doctor Who Logo 'Beige Planet Mars'
by Lance Parkin
and Mark Clapham
Jacket Illustration

Bernice Summerfield arrives on Mars for an academic conference on the fiftieth anniversary of the battle that saved the planet during the Galactic Wars. As a result, her luxury hotel is double-booked, and Benny finds herself spending far too much time with amiable-enough old veterans wallowing in nostalgia.

Unfortunately, one morning the nice old duffer in the adjacent room dies, and Benny's curiosity is piqued. The police say it's suicide, but she's not so sure: he seemed cheerful enough the night before.

The key to the mystery seems to lie fifty years in the past with the treachery of one woman. But is the famous traitor Telassar still alive, and if so how is Benny's errant ex-husband Jason involved? As she investigates, Benny discovers a menace much closer to home, and one which is far more horrific than she first suspected.

*Featuring Bernice Summerfield and Jason Kane

*Features a cameo by the Fourth Doctor, the Second Romana and K-9 MKIII

*A Virgin Books 'New Adventures' novel