Being Human Logo 'Alex's Unfinished Business':
'Wooed in Paris'

by Toby Whithouse
Being Human Cast

Unable to take Alex to Paris, Tom treats her to dinner at the Barry Grand Hotel, where they are to be waited upon by Hal, who is dressed as a stereotypical Frenchman. However, much to Tom’s annoyance, Alex is quickly distracted by the sound of Hal speaking sexy French…

Kate Bracken (Alex), Michael Socha (Tom McNair), Damien Molony (Hal)

Directed by Daniel O'Hara
Produced by Polly Buckle
Executive Producer Rob Pursey
A Touchpaper Television production for BBC Television

*Featuring Tom McNair, Hal and Alex

*This short mini-episode was included on the DVD and Blu-Ray release of 'Being Human' Season 5