Being Human Logo Episode 1.1

by Toby Whithouse
Being Human Cast

Mitchell receives an unwelcome visit from the vampire leader, Herrick, and his sidekick Seth, who urge him to turn his back on humanity and return to his own kind; but Mitchell refuses, having resolved to stay off human blood. George’s comfort at finding a safe place to live is sent crashing when he is forced to transform into a werewolf inside the house, tearing it apart. Annie’s elation at finding she is becoming visible to certain people is ruined when their landlord - her ex-fiancé Owen - visits the house with his new girlfriend, Janey. Mitchell arranges a date with an attractive nurse named Becca – but their evening comes to a tragic end when Lauren decides to intervene…

Lenora Crichlow (Anna ‘Annie’ Clare Sawyer), Russell Tovey (George Sands), Aidan Turner (John Mitchell), Annabel Scholey (Lauren Drake), Jason Watkins (Herrick), Gregg Chillin (Owen), Dylan Brown (Seth), Jessica Harris (Becca), Dean Lennox Kelly (Tully), Sama Goldie (Janey), Howard Coggins (Maintenance Man), Rebecca Cooper (Canteen Girl), Sarah Counsell (H.C.A. Nurse), Paul Kasey (Werewolf), George Oliver (Pizza Delivery Boy)

Directed by Toby Haynes
Produced by Matthew Bouch
Executive Producer Rob Pursey
A Touchpaper Television production for BBC Television

TX (BBC 3):
25th January 2009 @ 9:00 pm

*Reintroducing John Mitchell, George Sands and Annie Sawyer

*This season was also simulcast on the BBC's HD channel, the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media