Being Human Logo Episode 1.4

by Brian Dooley
Being Human Cast

Mitchell befriends a twelve-year-old boy named Bernie and his divorced mum, Fleur, an innocent relationship that helps the vampire to stay on the wagon. But when a DVD depicting vampire sex accidentally falls into Bernie’s hands, his mother immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion – and it isn’t long before the entire neighbourhood has branded Mitchell as a paedophile. As the housemates’ lives descend into chaos, George decides to tell Nina the truth about his lycanthropy; unfortunately his muddled efforts to explain himself only confuse Nina more, especially when she hears the rumours about Mitchell. Meanwhile, Annie has become traumatised by the revelation of her death at Owen’s hands – and when her ex-fiancé pays a visit to the house to sort out the problems reported by the neighbours, Annie flies into a rage and exacts her revenge…

Lenora Crichlow (Anna ‘Annie’ Clare Sawyer), Russell Tovey (George Sands), Aidan Turner (John Mitchell), Annabel Scholey (Lauren Drake), Jason Watkins (Herrick), Dylan Brown (Seth), Sinead Keenan (Nina Pickering), Gregg Chillin (Owen), Sama Goldie (Janey), Julia Ford (Fleur), Mykola Allen (Bernie), Barry Aird (Jim), Mark Flitton (Shop Owner), Wendy Brierley (Old Lady), Lewis Rhomes (Ahmed), Mason Beaumont (Stevo)

Directed by Alex Pillai
Produced by Matthew Bouch
Executive Producer Rob Pursey
A Touchpaper Television production for BBC Television

TX (BBC 3):
15th February 2009 @ 9:00 pm

*Featuring John Mitchell, George Sands and Annie Sawyer