Being Human Logo Episode 2.7

by Toby Whithouse
Being Human Cast

Nina returns to the house looking for George, only to learn that he has moved on and is now living with Sam and Molly. When Annie hears of the cure promised by Kemp and Lucy’s facility, she agrees to let them help her move on to the afterlife. George struggles to create a normal family life for himself, but a parent-teacher evening ends in horror when he forgets that the clocks have gone back, causing his transformation into a werewolf to begin in the middle of a packed classroom. Seeking revenge for the murder of her husband, Daisy joins Mitchell in his search for those responsible for the attack on the vampires; together they commit a horrific act of retaliation on a trainload of passengers. As George makes the most difficult decision of his life, Mitchell learns of Lucy’s involvement in the massacre, and swears his revenge…

Lenora Crichlow (Anna ‘Annie’ Clare Sawyer), Russell Tovey (George Sands), Aidan Turner (John Mitchell), Donald Sumpter (Kemp), Lyndsey Marshal (Professor Lucy Jaggat), Paul Rhys (Ivan), Sinead Keenan (Nina Pickering), Molly Jones (Molly), Lucy Gaskell (Sam), Adrian Schiller (Hennessey), Amy Manson (Daisy), David Webber (Train Worker), Michael Begley (Chaplain), Paul Kasey (Werewolf)

Directed by Charles Martin
Produced by Matthew Bouch
Executive Producer Rob Pursey
A Touchpaper Television production for BBC Television

TX (BBC 3):
21st February 2010 @ 9:00 pm

*Featuring John Mitchell, George Sands and Annie Sawyer